True Colours Art Gallery

Muir’s True Colours art gallery features a rotating collection of regionally curated art pieces, offered for the enjoyment of Muir guests only and as an intimate event and meeting space.

Art Throughout Muir

Art is an integral part of the Muir story – from original landscape paintings and ceramics in every room to a statement handcrafted tapestry in the lobby to photographs capturing this region’s mood and raw beauty.


Full Listing of Artists Included in the Collection at Muir Hotel & Queen’s Marque District


Featured Artists

Architecture & Interiors

From the commanding yet graceful form of the MacKay-Lyons Sweetapple Architects-designed building to the fabric and finishes of Alessandro Munge’s furnishings and interiors, every aspect of Muir’s architecture and experience is considered and bespoke – a tribute to Nova Scotia’s Maritime traditions and impeccable craftsmanship.

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The Muir Modern Tartan

Discover the warmth and tradition of Nova Scotia through the custom Muir modern tartan. The tartan is an original design commissioned specifically for Muir, embodying Nova Scotia’s terrain, environmental hues and cultural connection to Scotland.

Sustainable Design

From the sourcing of our building construction materials to our district seawater plant to the fabrication techniques of our custom furnishings, we have sought to achieve the highest standard of quality while minimizing environmental impact.

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